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Hair, Lint & Dust Removal Brush


Hair, Lint & Dust Removal Brush

We've searched for a long time to find a brush that will do what this one does.

It is absolutely fantastic for removing hair, lint, and dust/dirt from just about anything.

What you thought was clean, you'll quickly find out that it wasn't once you see what was left behind.

We highly recommend this brush and so do our customers

- Electrostatic bristles attract lint and hair like a magnet

- Quickly and easily brushes upholstery and carpets 

- 100 % natural rubber bristles

- Will not scratch or scuff

- Ideal for removing heavy dirt and road grime

Uses: Ideal to clean off Lint, Pet Hair & Dirt/Dust on all of our mops


Pet Beds






Car Seats

And even your pets!

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