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Purple Mountain Oxi Cleaner 25oz



Cleaner, Stain Remover, Deodorizer, Brightener & Disinfectant

The Clean Anything Cleaner

Chlorine bleach has been used for over 200 years. It whitens well on clothes but is very toxic to humans, animals and plants. Almost everyone knows the feeling of having their favorite shirt or pants destroyed by a chlorine bleach spill.

Purple Mountain Oxi is a safe and effective alternative to chlorine products that can be used all around the house, workshop, and even outside. Our product uses a coated Sodium Percarbonate powder that is the purest on the market. Our formulation provides a powerful cleaning, stain removal, deodorizing and disinfecting agent, while having the added benefits of killing bacteria, fungus, viruses, mold, mildew and algae. In fact, the CDC says that some microorganisms are resistant to chlorine bleach and they recommend products high in Sodium Percarbonate to disinfect instead. PMO is 85% Sodium Percarbonate (the most active ingredient allowed by law). PMO is excellent for cleaning and removing all sorts of stains such as tea, wine, coffee, fruit juices, sauces, grass stains, pet stains, blood, even motor oil and grease just to name a few. It’s safe to use and brighten almost anything water washable. Works in all temperatures and it’s safe to use in septic systems and RV holding tanks. It’s very environmentally friendly because it’s biodegradable, phosphate free and it produces no harmful by-products. Our formulation attacks and breaks down odor and stain molecules to totally remove them, not just cover them up and PMO is odorless so it can be used in confined spaces. PMO is simple to use, just dissolve the recommended amount in warm to hot water, soak your items or apply the dissolved mixture by pump sprayer, spray bottle, squirt bottle, mop, cloth or scrub brush. The longer you let things soak the less scrubbing you have to do.

PMO should not be used on wool, silk, leather, fabrics that are dry clean only, naturally dyed material, or new redwood. PMO should not be mixed with chlorine bleach or any other chemical. Not for human or animal consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Once mixed with water do not seal the mixing container as PMO will remain active continuing to release oxygen and the container could burst. Once mixed with water PMO remains active for 5 to 6 hours unused solution should be poured down the drain. Always check carpet and clothing for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. Rinse rags, and brushes well after use. Story in a cool dry place for longest shelf life. PMO can darken some redwood decks. Always test first!


Just A Few Purple Mountain Oxi uses:

Laundry cleaner, bleach and disinfectant (Clean that stinky, front load washing machine and voila’ no more odor or mold)

Remove pet stains & odors from urine or feces

Carpet & upholstery cleaning and spot remover

Disinfect kitchen surfaces, dishes & utensils

Spot cleaning & Stain removal for fabrics

Mildew & stain removal on tiles and grout

Wood decks and garden furniture cleaner & brightener

Kills algae and moss on driveways, patios, brickwork and roofs



Most carpet stains & odors can be removed using 1 Tbsp. of PMO to a quart of warm to hot water. Water does not always need to be hot to work, but it does help dissolve the PMO better so always use the hottest water possible for your item. On blood or grass stains it better to use cold water. Apply to soiled area, blot with cloth. When dry vacuum white residue. Please call or email if you need instructions for removing a particular stain or odor. dmjsupplies@gmail.com (540) 420-7026


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