Detailing The Whatacloth™ Way

Whether you enjoy an all day detailing experience, or your in a hurry and just need a quick clean-up, Whatacloth & Whatacloth XTRA are with out a doubt the most superior detailing cloths we ever seen! Once you've tried these cloths on your vehicle's windows, mirrors, paint, leather, chrome, vinyl, and plastics you'll never go back to whatever cloth or cleaner you use now. It really polishes as it cleans. You just can't buy a better multi-surface cloth at any price! You'll actually catch yourself smiling and thinking " I can't believe how great this looks just using water and this cloth". If you love your car, then you'll love this cloth!

Whatacloth™ MINI's are pre softened cloths that were created to pamper your electronics, DVDs, Big Screen TV's, computers, smart phone's, sunglasses, eyeglasses, camera lens etc. They work wet or dry and you won't find a softer, lint free cloth anywhere! 

Have you tried Whatacloth™ XTRA? It's larger size is made for Hogs! It will clean your chrome & paint so shiny you'll need sun glasses and yes, it will clean your sun glasses too! No more scratched, hazed, or blurred windshield. No chemicals, No cleaners, Just water.

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